Cramo Christmas fundraising campaign This Christmas Cramo carried out an unusual construction project - a big gingerbread house designed by a child and built with our equipment. As a part of the Christmas campaign, we started a fundraising with SOS Children’s Villages - join us in supporting children in need of a safe home and future. 

The cooperation between Cramo Group and SOS Children's Villages began in 2008. Cramo Group is an important partner for SOS Children's Villages and has invested more than 700 000 EUR to ensure that no child grows up alone.

Today, over 220 million children live under extremely harsh conditions. One out of ten children have lost, or is on the verge of losing, the basic parental care. These children are too often forgotten by authorities and become invisible to the adult world. Many of them run a high risk of being subjected to abuse, exploited as child soldiers or forced into prostitution and trafficking.

SOS Children's Villages is one of the world's largest organizations engaged in social child care. We’re located in 135 countries worldwide and collaborate with governments, organizations and decision makers to locate and help children and families through long-term and individualized efforts.

Cramo Group supports the SOS Children's Villages programs in Europe. During 2008-2015 contributions went to the building of a children’s village in Brovary, Ukraine. From 2015 and onwards, the focus will be on the Baltic States and also a children's village in Keila, Estonia.

The Keila village currently hosts 65 children and young ones living in 13 families. Many of the children and adolescents have difficult experiences behind them. A total number of 23 young people live in a SOS Children's Villages youth hostel, where they are prepared for adult life. Most of them study, some have graduated and many have taken the first steps into working life during summer jobs.

Thanks to Cramo, children who have a tough start in life can get a good upbringing with parents and siblings. They’re able to get a good education that allows them to grow up strong independent adults.

In addition to specific projects, the Cramo Group also supports SOS Children's Villages globally in the field of disaster relief. This collection is part of Cramo's Christmas campaign 2017, contributing to a kinder world during this holiday season


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