Help poor children get an education
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Help poor children get an education

Loliondo is a village on the countryside in the northern part of Tanzania. Maasai is the main ethnic group within the area. A majority of the Maasai people are living under extremely poor circumstances and there are often many reasons why children don't get educated. Parents are often unable to afford the schoolfees and many children are held at home to support the household. Moreover, many Maasai villages are situated hours from the closest school, distances small children are unable to walk. Girls that do not get education await a future in which arranged marriage, early pregnancy and circumcision at the age of 14 is a fact. Education is their way out. The mission of the MACAO project is to help as many children as possible to go to school. The Bright English Medium School was created as a part of the project and is now providing children with a high level education, mainly in english. Today there are 320 students going to the school, 75 of them are living at the boarding department. The income of this fundraise will go to paying schoolfees, food and accomodation for the children. By supporting the MACAO project more children can get an education and overcome poverty. Help us help the children.

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Help poor children get an education
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