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Lars-Olof Janflod Ekerö SOS långsiktiga arbete

Help me to help

Dear Friends, 0,7 of a century, 7 decades or 70 its all the same and its also the number for my next birthday that takes place this coming Thursday May 28. In these times there is no room for throwing a big party so here is what I want to do instead. For many years I have been supporting SOS Childrens Villages and I would like to take this opportunity for you to help me supporting them even further. For years I have been giving 500 SEK/month which thus becomes 6000SEK or about 600 Euros. Lets double that for this year to become 12000SEK. I will start by giving the first 3000. I know that for some it may be tough times financially but this is not a contest. All amounts are welcome small and big. Thank you very much.

Amount Raised:
Target: 6,000 kr
5/25/2020 6/24/2020



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Help me to help
Lars-Olof Janflod
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